Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Kathy Prendergast - Maps

 I took a look at Kathy Prendergast's work mainly for her mammoth 'City Drawings' project - a series of drawings of contemporary maps of all the world's capital cities which she started in 1992, and a quote I read saying that she was "probably trying to use mapping without it being a map of something".  It resonated with me because of my embossed maps - trying to create a map that could be of anywhere - but also how her drawings seemed to float on the white paper, something I wanted to create in my own maps.

(c) Kathy Prendergast, Addis Ababa

(c) Kathy Prendergast, Budapest

My own embossed map

I also liked her map 'Lost' where she has retained only the place names in the US with Lost in them, eg. Lost Creek, Lost Canyon etc and her map with no places names at all, only road markings. (Why is it when you come up with an idea, you always find someone else has been there, done that, even though you had no idea they had?!)

But, although I was drawn to these particular works, I think she is an extremely interesting artist who has worked in many different ways and with many different mediums - something I aspire to do.


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