Friday, 24 May 2013

My Top 10!

It's been quite interesting preparing my degree show along with students from the other Fine Art disciplines.  I'm really pleased to say that we all worked very well together.

I was talking with Erin Crossan, the painter in our studio and we were very surprised to learn of the different approaches we take to research and documentation of our work.  It's all too late now to change anything, but one of the things they have specifically been tasked to do is identify the top 10 artists they have been influenced by (I think over the 4 years, not just in 4th year) and to document the top 5.  This isn't something we've been asked to do, however, it did get me thinking.

Mine would look like this, but in no particular order:

Emily Mennerdahl - her work with silence has been hugely influential
Ori Gersht - his film work is haunting
Jem Southam - both style and content I really like
Donovan Wylie - combining documentary with great picture making
Richard Long - I was influenced by his work with mud!
Anthony Gormley - the silence and scale of his sculptures
Ansel Adams - profound beauty and technical genius
The New Topographers (am counting the collective as one choice!) - bland and beautiful! (T, x)
Simon Norfolk - serious political message with beautiful imagery
Simon Burch - combining documentary with great picture making and sequencing

and how could I not include an 11th - Paul McDonald.  Every time we go on a photo trip, he makes images of spaces I didn't even see, despite being in the same place at the same time.  His eye for an image and his technical expertise are helping me become a better picture maker.

Not an easy list to come up with I must say, and no doubt it will change regularly (Andreas Gursky and Andy Goldsworthy didn't make it in this time round, but maybe next!)  Definitely thought provoking.


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